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Francis Del Vecchio Letters To The President

                                                                      Is he working for America?

I am an American wondering what is happening to our country and why are we letting this happen? Why is big money controlling the elections and what do they plan to gain ? I haven't seen as much race, gender, and class division since the  sixties.

The technical advances in America haven't helped employment, the rhetoric coming out of Washington  can't be trusted and we are in debt beyond our means to pay. Our laws are ignored by the President and the Attorney General and Congress does nothing about it. Congress is on a course to set a record for accomplishing next to nothing. The bickering between the Whitehouse and Congress is at an all time high and the class division is getting more pronounced everyday.

America needs leadership and a course to follow to keep us as the world leader we once were. Education is sliding downhill and the moral fiber of the country has turned into unearned entitlements. Americans, we need to raise our voices and cast our votes to put America back on the right track. Think about tomorrow because that is all we have left.

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Francis Del Vecchio advise to the President

Francis Del Vecchio Letters to the President